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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 15, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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"from russia.with mice" --one t. russia with malice, one of the largest tax in american history linked to russian spies, the fib anybody announcing charges against two russian fsb agents and hackers. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. in all facing 47 different charges including conspiracy and computer fraud. we begin with the latest on sunnyvale's yahoo! hack. fbi and the department of justice announcing charges this morning against those two russian spies and two criminal hackers. one of those criminal hackers lives in canada and has been arrested. the other is in russia and the department of justice says he is being protected by local
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authorities there. as for the russian spies, they work for the fsb which is a russian intelligence and law enforcement agency. here is the d.o.j.'s mary mccord. >> the center for information security also known as center 18, is also the fbi's point of contact in moscow for cyber crime matters. the involvement and direction of fsb officers with law enforcement responsibilities makes this conduct that much more egregious. >> now, arresting those suspects from the fsb may never happen. there is no extradition treaty with russia and officials have no reason to believe that the kremlin will hand over its spies. now, those hackers are accused of stealing data from.500 million yahoo! users. you may be one of them. nbc bay area sharon is live at the offices of the fbi in san francisco. sharon, what are officials telling you about that today? >> reporter: well, kris, i just
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stepped out of the news conference minutes ago and the fbi san francisco led the investigation. they had a lot to add to the justice department's news conference. the main point they wanted to get across is they are still looking for fugitives in this case, three fugitives, and they show the media wanted posters of those fugitives that you see here. they all have russian ties and have been indicted for computer hacking and economic espionage. >> this is an unprecedented indictment. it is the first time the fbi has indicted russian fsb officers for committing criminal cyber intrusions. we take this very seriously and the fsb should take this seriously. you can try and hide in the corners of the dark web, but we will hunt you down, we will expose you, and we will bring you to justice. the fbi has a long reach and a longer memory. >> reporter: the fbi san francisco says it led the case
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because it had closest access to yahoo! and google to conduct the interviews and gather evidence with the bay area tech companies. and back here live, when asked in the news conference if this is just the tip of the iceberg, the fbi spokesperson said basically, no, he wants to look more into it. he says he cannot say what the russian government has planned, but he definitely is looking into more cases that involve smaller and larger companies here in the bay area. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> sharon, thank you very much. back to d.c. now and no evidence of wiretapping. less than three hours ago, gop and democratic leaders of the house intelligence committee announcing they have seen no proof that the obama administration wiretapped then presidential candidate donald trump. california congressman devin nunez, a republican, and california congressman adam schiff, a democrat, both say they're still waiting for evidence from the justice department to back up president
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trump's claim. nunez went one step further. >> and, in fact, i don't believe just in the last week of time the people we talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> i do think -- >> represent schiff there also agreeing with nunez saying he doesn't believe there is any evidence supporting the president apartments claims. in the meantime fbi director james comey and the head of the national security agency are both testifying at a public hearing before their committee on march 20. now, comey has come out and asked the justice department to reject president trump's claim, saying it's not true. >> we are also looking into president trump's 2005 tax returns after msnbc's rachel maddow revealed them on her show last night. this morning nbc's halle jackson goes into the tax return and they say their focus is not the president's taxes right now. >> after a lock down and a
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manhunt yesterday in the east bay, police right now still searching for an armed robbery suspect. that search comes after a chaotic sequence of events all of it going down yesterday afternoon right near the cal state east bay campus in hayward. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live from hayward. bob, hayward police are lead thing investigation. do they have any leads where this man might be? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we just spoke with the hayward police sergeant who tells us they have a pretty good idea who the suspect is that they have been tracking down. no known addresses but still no luck finding him. the police department and the alameda county da daps office are now running parallel investigations into this officer-involved shooting that left one woman dead. this happened around yesterday evening at 5:20. the two fremont police detectives and other officers with the south county major crimes task force were tracking a stolen bmw to the city view apartments. this is near cal state east bay. the car was connected to a
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number of armed robberies in fremont and other parts of the bay area. when the officers tried so stop the beamer, police say the driver drove at them, hit their vehicles and hurt those two fremont police detectives. both detectives started firing their guns with the intention of hitting the driver. the bmw took off, crashed a short distance later. there were four people in that stolen car. a female who was shot by police, she was taken to the hospital where she died. it's not clear if she was the driver or a passenger. there was another man and woman. the man arrested on robbery charges, the woman interviewed and released, and the fourth person in the car, he's the one who escaped into a nearby ravine who law enforcement is still looking for. >> there's lots of, you know, innate dangers with being a police officer. we try to do our best tactically to take down people and take people into custody as safely as we can. it's a dangerous job. there's office certificates that are shot and ran over and hit by cars all over the country and,
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you know, it's part of the job. it's what we sign up for. it's tragic. >> reporter: during this search last night for the suspect, police did put into place a shelter in place for the university village apartment complex which has since been lifted. law enforcement ended their search when the dogs lost the suspect's scent. that was 1:30 this morning. reporting live outside the hayward police department, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. we'll continue tragic of the tragic ghost ship fire now. right now state lawmakers are discussing how to prevent another tragedy like that warehouse fire in oakland. here is a look at the meeting happening right now as we speak. and a senate oversight committee is reviewing local and state regulations to see if they can find better solutions. the warehouse fire in december killed 36 people and a criminal investigation into the fire was launched by the alameda county district attorney's office. >> all right. for the last couple of days, kris, it's been almost like
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summer light. now temperatures coming back down a little bit. if you believe it or not, this is the first time we've said it in a while, it's going to rain a little bit in the north bay. >> we can put it off a little while. here is a live look outside as we can see some of the low clouds there over the bay bridge and over san francisco as well. we have san mateo on the left, san francisco on the right. and meteorologist kari hall right in the middle. >> yeah, we are starting to see clouds roll in out ahead of the cole front bringing down the temperatures after it's been so warm. in fact, setting some new records from yesterday as well as monday. now starting to see the rain approaching the north bay. spotty light showers and the best chance of rain will be across northern sonoma county and farther to the north where we've seen some of the rain moving through. looking at these temperatures now, we are in the upper 50s to lower 60s and in some parts of the bay area it's 14 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. so, really seeing the impact of all of the clouds and the spotty
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showers that we've seen farther to the north. gilroy is now 13 degrees cooler than it was yesterday while san francisco is at about three degrees cooler. then you'll really notice the change later on today. no need for the air conditioner. we will see something closer to where we should be for this time of year. now, heading into the next couple of days, warming up once again as we return to our all dry wagter, but a more significant storm system coming up, i'll talk about it in ten minutes. >> kari, thank you. now to a concerning story outbreak at an east bay elementary school where dozens of students could be home sick today. this, after getting a possible outbreak of the norovirus. there's only been one confirmed case. district leaders are working to stop any spread of the gastrointestinal virus at dublin elementary school. school confirms at least one student has norovirus, but more than 30 others were showing some sort of symptoms and stayed out of class on tuesday. >> happening now, it looked like
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a trapped sea lion in vacaville was heading back to sea. our nbc sister station tweeted this photo of the sea lion they're calling mr. leisure about an hour ago. he's a mile and a half downstream right now. that sea lion was trapped in a pipe for hours in vacaville. little guy caused quite the scene, too. they suspended the search late last night after looking for more than six hours. good to know he's headed home. >> he is headed home. i think he went over leisure town road which is how he got that name. >> he's super cool. >> take his leisure as well. up next at 11:00 twitter hack, thousands of accounts compromised that includes forbes and even justin bieber's japan account. the relationship between the hack and an election going on in the netherlands. >> plus the fed just minutes ago made decisions about interest rates. we'll bring you up to speed coming up in business and tech. ad-lib numbe
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a lot of green on the stock markets this morning as some big news coming out of washington. scott mcgrew is going to touch upon that just one second. the dow jones up 96 points in trading, almost at 21,000. >> as mentioned moments ago, the fed announced it would once again raise those interest rates. >> scott mcgrew sets up a conflict really between the white house and janet yellen. >> yes, it does. the federal open markets committee, sam, just raised those interest rates a quarter%. this is the second increase in three months, just the third time since the 2009 financial crisis. now, we've been waiting to see if donald trump is going to tweet something about it. i stuck my phone in my pocket a second ago. in the past he's criticized the fed for raising rates. he's criticized them for not raising rates.
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we know he doesn't like janet yellen. he's talked in the past about firing her. in fact, he can't. it's pretty clear, though, he will replace her when her term as fed chair comes to an end early next year. the fed's job is to temper growth so inflation doesn't become a threat. that's what they did today. but the president has called for as much economic growth as possible. as much as 4% gdp, in fact, some of his budgetary plans actually depend on that big growth. so, the two of them may not be able to see eye to eye on today's decision. but, kris, have no misunderstanding in the matter of interest rates, ms. yellen is the boss. >> yes, she is. how about a robot tax? recent statements from microsoft founder bill gates have reportedly gotten leaders in san francisco thinking. gates spoke in a recent interview about charging what he called a robot tax when automation replaces jobs that humans have previously been paid to do. the examiner reports san francisco supervisors will now
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kpr that voice. they plan to hold a hearing on taxing businesses that use machines to replace the human work force and that -- whether or not that tax is, in fact, feasible. >> well, the investigation into who is behind the twitter hack overnight is really just beginning. we first told you about this story this morning on today in the bay. twitter confirming that hundreds of accounts of businesses, news agencies, even celebrities were hacked with attackers posting pro turkey nationalist messages supporting that country's president. bbc north america, forbes, starbucks, argentina, and justin bieber's japan twitter accounts, all of those were just a few that were targeted. messages sent out on those accounts were all in turkish. many of them including hashtags which translate today nazi germany and nazi holland. users have controlful their accounts again. let's get to the backdrop of this. it comes as tensions between the turkish president and leader of
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the netherlands are growing right now. the dutch banned a turkish minister from addressing a rally recently and turkey trying to consolidate his power ahead of a referendum and they were reaching out and trying to lobby expats in the netherlands. now, this was what reacted here, the back and forth between the netherlands and germany, the hackers tweeting out see you on 26th. that is when they have the referendum and whether or not to grant him more power. as that is happening, kris, nearly 13 million people in the netherlands are heading to the polls today in parliamentary elections. the current korver sivtive prime minister's party is fighting against a far, far right nationalist party that's antiislam and antieuropean union. the election is considered an indicator of populist sentiment in europe something we've seen in brexit and here in the u.s. presidential election. polls in netherlands showing a tight race. >> new at 11:00, a woman suffered burns to her face and hands after her battery operated
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headphones exploded mid flight as she was going from beijing to melbourne last month. the australian woman was sleeping when she heard a loud explosion about two hours into the flight, and then felt her face burning. she told the australian transport safety bureau that the headphones were sparking and on fire as she threw them onto the floor. she said the flight attendants poured a bucket of water on them and put them in a bucket at the back of the plane. the brand of the headphones has not yet been released. b.a.r.t. riders, you might want to listen up. a slight change to your morning commute if you take b.a.r.t. starting next saturday. passengers riding between fremont and daily city and fremont to richmond will have slight adjustments to arrival and departure times. this is because of the opening of the warm spring station. finally, right? to see the changes you can visit b.a.r.t.'s quick planner tool on their website. >> san francisco's waste collection company ra kohl ji is in the process right now of trying to raise its rates.
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the company filed that request earlier this year. the first proposed hike would be 5 bucks for the first year then a series of seven hearings taking place right now between essentially now and may, the second of the hearings taksz place today. if approved, the new rates would be in effect in july and they would be san francisco's first rate hike in four years. >> so, i almost did my live shot this morning without a jacket. it was so mild even though it was cooler than yesterday. i'm enjoying it, kari. >> it is very nice and it's nice for at least a little while. it's like summertime. but as we go into the day -- >> although spring starts officially on monday. >> yes, it does. and we will still have some weather that's well above average over the next several days and as we get a live look outside at san jose, looks kind of hazy out there. we've also had some clouds rolling by. a little bit of a change compared to what we've had recently. as we get a look at the castro, you can see we are done with all the of that bright sunshine we've had the past couple days as well and also the very warm temperatures. we can also see as we look across the bay from berkeley and
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it's 59 degrees. 63 degrees now in the tri-valley and 61 in the south bay. 54 degrees in san francisco. you started out the morning with the mist and the drizzle and also the low visibility, too. 72 degrees will be the high in the tri-valley. we're getting a little bit more sunshine there. and now the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see some raindrops that will be in the forecast toward the end as we head toward the weekend and early next week. we'll also have a slight chance of rain in the north bay today, but a lot of this rain has been fizzling out before it makes it into the north bay. but still keep the umbrella handy just in case, especially from santa rosa farther to the north where we could see a little bit of some rain moving through, but a lot of the computer models continue to keep that rain offshore and very dry for much of the bay area. and then we start to see the changes heading into the weekend. there will be a slight chance of showers, especially in the north bay starting on saturday as well as sunday. early next week a more significant storm system will be
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moving in and that could bring us some heavy rain starting on next tuesday into wednesday. so, we're not done with the rain just yet. and it is good to see that we also have some more snow in the forecast for the sierra. for the bay area, we're looking at the potential of a pretty good soaker, at least this is what the computer models are hinting at right now. the potential of at least an inch and a quarter to 2 inches of rain early next week for the north bay. and for the inland areas and parts of the east bay and south bay, up to an inch and a quarter. i'll keep you up to date on any of those changes. meantime you want to enjoy this forecast and the dry weather we're going to see heading into the next couple of days. on friday, the saint patrick's day music festival going on in san francisco at the irish cultural center. nice weather for that, and on saturday for ar bor day, you'll want to volunteer and maybe plant some trees. it will be 68 for the high and sunny and mix of clouds. i'll have more on the forecast.
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we'll talk more about what the si sierra can expect coming up. >> saint patrick day, ar bor day. >> coming up the judge behind the controversial brock turner sentencing is still on the bench. the reason for a push for a recall is being delayed. and. >> coming up, the high kofrt of living has california teachers fleeing the state. now a new bill that just might get them to stay. >> but first happening right now, a new report just released shows that sexual assaults are on the rise at military academies. and that includes the distinguished u.s. naval academy in nap list and the u.s. military academy at west point. also some good news to report out of the war torn syrian city of aleppo. people live tlg say water is once again running through the pipes for the first time in months. syrian forces captured a pumping station from isis fighters last week. we're back with more news in just two minutes. more witnessestimonexpectetodayn
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garciaorres mder tri. more witness testimony expected today in the antolin garcia torres trial. the man accused of the killing teenager sierra lamar is also charged with attempting to kidnap three other women. we have blurred her face to conceal her identity. prosecutors say garcia torres got inside the woman's car at a morgan hill safe way in 2009 where he worked. the woman was shocked with a
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stun gun and punched, but the attacker eventually ran away, leaving the sun gun behind. prosecutors say the weapon had garcia torres' fingerprints on it. however, the victim says she never saw her attacker's face. the group seeking to recall judge is reportedly putting that attempt on hold at least until the spring. he is the judge who critics say issued a light sentence to former stan for the swimmer brock turner for sexual assault of an intoxicated woman. opponents sought to hold a special recall election this fall, but the mercury news now reports they realize that would be too expensive so instead opponents are shooting to put a recall measure on next june's primary ballot provided they can get enough signatures. >> a steady paycheck but with no state income tax taken out. that is what two senators would like to offer california teachers to stay in california. of course, despite living costs that are pushing them out. nbc bay area's peggy bunker has that story from san francisco. >> they're looking out for me
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and they're looking out for the kids. >> reporter: a new bill to tackle california's teacher shortage has this san francisco math teacher hopeful. after watching many of his colleagues leave because they can't afford to live here. >> i know some people personally that have had to leave the profession or move cities because of how much it costs to live here. >> reporter: senate bill 807 being called the teacher rekrultment retention act of 2017 and it would exempt teachers from paying state taxes after five years in the classroom. the average salary for a california teacher is around $59,000 a year. supporters say the tax break would be equivalent to a 4 to 6% raise. now, the goal of the bill is to keep teachers in the state where according to the teachers retirement systems, they are leaving, 50% faster than any other public job. >> teachers in san francisco want to be here and they want to stay here. >> reporter: the principal at the academy s.f. at mca tier said the teacher tax break would make a huge difference. >> i think it would change their life significantly. it would be -- i'd be really
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happy to see that happen. >> reporter: the bill sponsors say the teachers are critical to california's success and it's time to give them something more than lip service. teachers agree. >> that just tells me they're invested in teachers and education and the kids of california. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> coming up, a rare look at some of president trump's tax returns, documents he refused to release during the campaign. what it could mean for the future of his administration.
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==kr2 shot=somethg many ople ha. well, something many people have been waiting for for a long time is a glimpse into one of president trump's tax returns. >> a lot of people were glued to the tvs last night as first reported on msnbc's rachel maddow two payment pages of the 2005 federal return, everyone seems to be talking about it today. nbc's halle jackson has more on
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what the returns actually reveal. >> reporter: for the first time, a look at a federal tax return of president trump's. a two-page snapshot of his 2005 filing showing he earned $152 million and paid $38 million in taxes that year. a tax rate of roughly 25%. a document stamped client copy was obtained by dc and shared with the rachel maddow show. reporter david k. johnston saying the partial return came to him in the mail anonymously, but suggesting it might have been sent by the president himself. >> trump as a long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it's in his interests. >> reporter: the white house confirming the numbers but dismissing their significance. in a statement saying, quote, you know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two-pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. the president as a candidate repeatedly said he would not release his tax returns because of an irs audit. >> will the president commit to
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releasing his tax returns for this year and is he still under audit for his tax returns? >> my understanding is he is still under audit and i'll follow-up. >> reporter: the willingness to release information when it suits them is a sham. democrats should return focus to trumpcare tomorrow and the millions it will leave uninsured. not get distracted by two pages from '05 tax return. the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare likely to come up with the president on the road and on a mission, headed to nashville partly to try to sell the new bill. also on capitol hill, two top lawmakers, including lindsey graham, are asking by today that the fbi director share more information about whether the agency tried to wiretap trump tower under president obama, an accusation made by president trump nearly two weeks ago. and more broadly, asking him to share more on whether the fbi is investigating any russian
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interference with the 2016 election. senator graham this morning on today. >> what happens if they don't comply? >> well, congress is going to flex its muscle here. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until congress is provided with the information to finally clear the air as to whether or not there was ever a warrant issued against the trump campaign. >> reporter: the white house confident congressional inquiries will back up the president's claim. >> i think he's extremely confident. i'll leave it to them to issue the report, but i think he feels very confident will ultimately come of this -- will vindicate him. >> halle jackson reporting there. a day before the travel ban is to be in effect, it will be scrutinized in federal court rooms across the country. the justice department has filed papers with the fed roland court in seattle where the old ban was halted arguing that the revised ban is drastically different from the original. now a u.s. district judge is going to have to decide whether to enforce the previous preliminary injunction which
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essentially put a hold on the president apartments first travel banish you'd last month. the new ban now impacts six instead of seven predominantly muslim nations. washington and several other states are also trying to block the revised ban. some folks in chicago hoping to pressure the president into releasing all of his tax returns with this giant rooster balloon. the group that puts on the tax march chicago on april 15th is now raising money to include that balloon. organizers say the drastic gesture is needed because, "trump is too chicken to release his tax returns." a play on chicken. $4,000 is needed to get that balloon into the march. it is a go fund me page already collected about 2000. >> i've seen a lot of balloons. never seen one like that. it has been confirmed that the remains found near point reyes station last month are those of 63-year-old annie bailey. her husband reported her missing more than two years ago and her remains were found last month after two motorists got into a
11:34 am
collision in the area and found them over an embankment near the crash site. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd spoke with the woman's husband who says he is being treated like a suspect. >> annie and i had some very good years together. and some very bad years together. >> reporter: and now tonight sonoma county sheriff's deputies are calling kerry bailey a person of interest. >> they're not accusing me of anything. they think i murdered my wife. >> reporter: bailey reported his wife annie missing december 7, 2014. the couple was going through a divorce. >> i couldn't stand her life-style. i couldn't live with her. marijuana and antidepress anlts and they do not go together. >> reporter: her car, keys and purse were left here at her pen grove home two years ago. last month annie bailey's remains were found down this embankment over a cliff along the point ray iz national sea shore by victims involved in a car crash.
11:35 am
that discovery gave the sheriff's department enough information to seek a search warrant of the bailey home. >> this is her last known place where she was known to be alive, and so we want to go back and collect any possible evidence left behind. >> reporter: kerry bailey says his home was turned upside down by detectives today. they even searched his garage and took away his wife's car. he says his wife had a history of attempting to take her own life. detectives say this was not a suicide. >> suicide is ruled out and an accident is ruled out. this is definitely a homicide. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> deputies right now are expected to release new information this morning on a homicide investigation in san leandro. today we could learn the victim's name. this is a story that remember we brought to you today on today in the bay. and as yesterday as well. right now deputies continue to search for that murder suspect this morning. the victims of 41-year-old man who was found stabbed and shot to death in a house in the san leandro foothills. investigators are speaking with
11:36 am
witnesses who say they saw the crime take place. and the identity of a man who was shot and killed by santa clara police sunday night could also be released to the. now, this started when officers were responding to a call of a man in distress and that phone call came from the parents of that 24-year-old man. police say when they arrived the man fled through his bedroom window and they were warned that he could be armed. whether they found him, officers say he threatened to shoot himself. that's when the police officers first tried the stun gun and resorted to lethal force. no weapon ended up being found at the scene. the officer involved is now on administrative leave. >> a southern california mother is behind bars this morning. police say because she abandoned her child at a grocery store. we have surveillance footage from a food for less in riverside from sunday night. you see her in the circle there. the woman walking in with her two-year old daughter in the circle there on your screen. police say the girl eventually wandered off in the crowd the store, her mother never
11:37 am
bothering to look for her. another customer tried to return the girl to the mom, but the mother reportedly told the good samaritan, just leave her. she is seen purchasing her groceries and leaving the store without the child. police say that when they showed the picture of the woman to the little girl, she said it was her mommy. >> not everyday someone leaves their child in a crowded store like this. we want to help mom and figure out what's going on and what led up to this. >> the child is now under the care of protective services during the investigation. >> definitely hope mom gets some help there. a judge in san francisco ordered both sides in a legal battle over the trump millennium tower to deal with an issue. this comes after the investigation to reveal the quake vulnerability hidden inside the walls of the sinking high rise. jaxon van derbeken has the new development. >> reporter: the problem is here with the giant steel reinforced
11:38 am
concrete blocks known as out riggers. they are supposed to handle the twisting and bending brought on by a big quake. but as we told you, millennium's own expert recently cast doubt on that. now the judge in the ongoing legal fight over the building has gotten involved. >> it's encouraging that the judge is mindful of the alarm that has occurred as a result of the concern about the outrigger issue. >> reporter: the tower resident suing over its troubles wants millennium to agree to independent testing to address concerns about whether the building can survive a quick. >> you have a combination of things going on. you have the building sinking and tilting as well as the outriggers not designed properly. the combination, i think, could be lethal. >> reporter: millennium ams engineers previously concluded such an analysis was unnecessary, saying the outriggers were designed using well understood and well documented principles. the building has been repeatedly declared safe and code conforming.
11:39 am
millennium officials say. if both sides can't agree on an independent review, san francisco judge curtis agreed to weigh in further on the issue. jalk son v jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip call the phone number on the screen, 888-996-tips. you can always send an e-mail as well to the unit at >> this just in, cupertino union school district releasing superintendent wendy. she will be released from her contract effective june. this is video of the school official on our nbc bay area show pacific america with robert honda. the back story, hundreds of parents signed the petition declaring no confidence in the superintendent. the petition arguing that she and board members were working secretly to develop a teacher housing at a closed school site, but without input from the community. in ray press released to, she said, i have been honored to
11:40 am
serve the cupertino union school district for the past five years. we have met many challenges and have improved the learning opportunities for all students. >> coming up next, not as bad as it was billed. millions of people breathing a sigh of relief right now after the nor'easter came and went. >> but many parts of the country are still under a blanket of snow. you probably heard your friends complaining about it. next a look at the damage and the long delays still happening at airports across the country. >> and part of that, the reason why they're still seeing some lake effect snow in that region. and here in the bay area we're getting some light rain moving into the north bay. we'll talk about the break from the very warm temperatures and that chance of showers coming up. some major tro are avoidedthe wb
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well, some major metro areas avoided the most of it, but parts of the northeast are waking up to a foot of snow from that late winter blizzard yesterday. key airports in the region as well just trying to recover after a massive day of flight cancellations. >> we all know it takes a long time. nbc's miguel is in massachusetts and dave is at laguardia airport in new york city. >> folks are waking up and digging out of upwards of 14 inches of snow, fall all across this area. this is what they're looking at here and it's not just the snow. over the last 24 hours we had winds upwards of 80 miles an hour all across this region. the coast was also battered with powerful winds and when people
11:44 am
pull out of their driveways today, these are the conditions they face. incredibly slick and dangerous roads. going to be a long day all across this region. now to my colleague dave gutierrez at laguardia. >> virtually no lines so far here at new york's laguardia airport as this airport struggles to get back up and running. the airlines scrambling to reboong their passengers stranded by yesterday's winter storm. more than 6200 flights were canceled yesterday. already so far today, more than a thousand flights have been canceled across the country. the airports mostly impacted were those in the northeast and new york city airports as far as boston and baltimore. now, public transportation is mostly back up and running. amtrak is running on modified service, but if you don't have a flight already booked today, chances are you're out of luck. could be several days before the airlines clear this backlog. dave gutierrez, nbc news, new york. >> if there is a good part to all of this, it said a lot of
11:45 am
people found out days in advance. they didn't have to go to the airport, and sit there and sleep on the chairs as we've done before, and that's not very fun. >> no, it's not . it's really difficult when you're traveling with kids. kari, you see the kids at the airport. >> jumping up and down, oh, my goodness, i would not want to be in that situation. and as we get a look outside around the bay area, we have enjoyed some dry weather, but we're starting to see the clouds rolling in. and some changes today that will lead us into the end of the week with some cooler temperatures. and we really need to cool down because we were setting some new records, especially in spots like santa rosa, napa in the north bay we were hitting the low 80s and it's just not supposed to be this warm this early. we brought it down to 59 degrees right now in mendocino coast with all the clouds and mist and drizzle. you had inland spots like sunol where it continues to warm up but not as warm as it was yesterday. now 63 degrees. 60 now in fairfield, palo alto at 59 degrees, and san jose at
11:46 am
61. and looking at the difference in the temperature change from the past 24 hours, we are 11 degrees cooler at half moon bay. santa rosa 12 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. and that will set the stage for some cooler temperatures heading into tomorrow as well. looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen you'll see there will be some rain next week, but only a slight chance of showers today for the north bay. going to see the high in east san jose up to 70 degrees, and at 67 for danville. walnut creek 68 degrees. already up to 60 degrees in san mateo. heading up to 66. and the embarcadero at 66 degrees, heading up to 70 today in santa rosa. looking at quite a bit of rain farther to the north of us, but a lot of this energy really weakening as it approaches the bear, but still will bring in a chance of some rain. we're seeing that moving in into point reyes now with light showers moving in that will also approach santa rosa. and we will keep that chance of
11:47 am
rain in the forecast through the evening while the rest of the bay area stays dry. then as we head into the weekend, it won't be albright and sunny. we will have some spotty showers in and around the region. and we'll also keep it mostly cloudy and a chance of rain throughout the forecast on saturday as well as sunday, and early next week, a more significant storm system set to move in. so, if you are planning to head over to the sierras this weekend, it will still be warm. all of that rain will also be rain for the sierra with temperatures reaching into the low 40s. we won't see the change over to snow until early next week. so, if you are planning to head out to the blossom festival in saratoga on saturday, it will be dry but mostly cloudy and highs up to 70 degrees. and also for dublin, the saint patrick's parade will be on saturday. a mix of sun and clouds and up to 67 degrees. i'll keep you up to date on all of this and also do a facebook live every day. so, this morning i did one at 9:00. you can check that out, too.
11:48 am
our temperatures holding steady in the low 6 0s. it will be cooler the next couple of days, but warmer than average. we'll keep you up to date on the weather next week. kris and sam? >> thank you, kari. >> in the meantime a very special bond between two teachers. this also benefiting students. the story that makes us feel bay area proud. is deliveng divinds forll
11:49 am
11:50 am
invold. our next story is about a cross bay partnership that is delivering dividends for everyone involved. >> it invoflds some pretty complex academic topics, but it's also about the simple power of friendship. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has this story in tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: you could easily make a quick list of the ways in which kevin scott and sam savage are different. but the big thing they share in common, a love of teaching, is all that matters to them and the benefit for more than just their students.
11:51 am
>> most people don't understand how long this really takes. >> reporter: dr. sam savage is an expert in the field of uncertainty and risk. >> i quoted that -- >> reporter: a stanford adjunct professor who corporate managers and utility experts seek out to make their companies smarter and safer. it's a complex field that sam tells his audience he's discovered a simple way to teach. so simple, eighth graders could learn it. and how does sam know? well, he's done it. just a few months ago, sam made his first visit to west oakland middle school. >> how do you add uncertain numbers together? >> reporter: he went there to prove his point. he ended up finding a partner crime. >> first time i walked into his classroom it was like we had been teaching together years. >> reporter: kevin scott teaches engineering at west oakland. he wasn't about to say no when
11:52 am
sam came calling. >> so, the first time i looked at his resume, whoa, who is this guy? >> reporter: kevin knew his students would benefit from such a highly regarded academic. what he didn't know is how well the two would hit it off. >> let me show you what i mean. >> i think ultimately more than anything, it's unwritten, it's unscripted, but it's amazing to watch him captivate the room with his energy and who he is and his knowledge, and then i get to be like the color commentator. i get to come in and hey, guys, there's a trick up my sleeve. it's called knowledge. >> reporter: it is in many ways an unlikely partnership that is benefiting all involved. kevin's students gaining not just knowledge, but confidence with every visit by sam. >> i wish i had time to find out how you kids got so smart and know all this stuff. >> reporter: and sam, enjoying teaching, perhaps more than any other time in his 40-year career.
11:53 am
>> so we'll have a live contest. >> reporter: sam is excited to sari his experience in middle school with other experts in his field. but if there's one lesson we can all learn from these two inspiring intellectuals, it's that sometimes teaching probability is all about the chemistry. sam and kenneth have also been able to link up their two classrooms tli video conferencing. sam says his stanford students were just as impressed with the middle schoolers as he was. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> in ten years when they graduate, garvin will be doing a different story about the kids inspired by these two. >> who finds another friend. i love the chemistry as long as we don't have to go back to chemistry. not fond memories of that. >> probably wouldn't pass. we'll be right back. facebook e-oark zucrburgspent s
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11:56 am
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg spent some time in north carolina and had the experience of a lifetime. even for him, at charlotte motor speed way. the facebook founder got an experience of what it's like riding shotgun with one of nascar's most famous drivers, dale earn heart, jr. he looked terrified. they drove around 1 1/2 miles super speed way of speeds of 170 miles an hour. then the social media mowing you will got a turn behind the wheel himself took the car for a spin as the nascar star acted as crew chief. it was broadcast on facebook live. i would like to know the
11:57 am
difference in their speeds, what dale earn heart, jr. went and what zuckerberg went. >> 170 miles an hour, maybe mark was going easier than that. >> 150. >> must be pretty cool for him to have access to everything in the entire world. >> i was thinking the exact same thing. if you could get access to anything that you want, that would be on the top of my list. i want to drive around a race track. >> i would be afraid. i'd want a professional driving me. >> exactly. >> we are racing toward the weekend here. friday is saint patrick's day. >> yes, it is. >> then the rain comes in after that? >> later on in the weekend. we still have basically a few more days of some warm and dry weather. looking at some low 60s, we are going to bring it down from the 80s we had the pafrt couple of days. how about 72 today. mostly cloudy, though, more sunshine tomorrow and once again for the weekend it will be turning wet. >> all right.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> i have been attacked for not being supportive. that makes me want to ram my head through a wall. >> doesn't that feel good, feel good to let go of the whole mr. perfect charade. >> i have sacrificed for this family. >> you have sacrificed. >> you don't know the load i have had to carry. >> you don't know the things -- the things i've had to do. >> you tonigwant to have and i w follow -- >> so we can have a life -- >> it's ridiculous. >> jack lives! the good news. the bad news is,


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